Find out why this video is titled, "9/11 - THE FOOTAGE THEY DIDN'T LET YOU SEE TWICE".

Quotes from eyewitnesses who saw the planes hit the trade towers on September 11th 2001:

• "No, it wasn't a commercial airliner"
• "...but it didn't have any markings on it that I saw"
• "no emblems, no logos"
• "It definitely did not look like a commercial plane"
• "I did not see any windows on the sides"
• "It was a black plane, it looked like a fighter jet"
• "It was black, it looks like a military plane"
• "It was a military plane"

This video also shares testimonies from firefighters who share their experience being in the trade towers as bombs were exploding(to weaken the structure of the buildings to cause the free fall collapse).

As a terrorist, how could you smuggle bombs into the trade towers with all its security systems which includes bomb sniffing dogs? Also, if terrorists did plant the bombs, then why wern't we told about the bombs?!

It had to be an inside job.
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