Ravens, crows, and jays are the smartest of the non-human animals, not the great apes!

"Darwin said the properties of the human mind we get from naturalistic evolution. Because we are most physically like chimpanzee and orangutans, that must be where we got our properties of the mind. Nobody bothered to test Darwin's theory until just some years ago.

A Research group at UCLA and University of California San Diego decided to do an experiment on chimpanzees and a whole bunch of other animals; to see if Darwin was really right, that the chimp was the smartest of the animals.

What they discovered is Darwin was wrong. In fact, they titled their research paper "Darwin's Mistake". What they found is that the smartest of the non-human animals are the ravens, crows, and jays, all ranking smarter than the chimpanzees.

What they discovered, for example, is a wild raven, without any human training, can recover a tool, and use that to recover a very different kind of tool, and use that second tool to get a food treat. Whereas a chimpanzee can't do that. They can only do it if they've been trained for years by a Human being.

Another thing that they discovered is that ravens, crows, and parrots, show their greatest intellectual capability when they are emotionally bonded to a human being." - Hugh Ross

Sure, we share a lot of DNA with the Great Apes, but our brain structures are not similar. First note is that it's a medical benefit from God that we can use Apes to advance medicine for Human life. Even using the organs in apes for transplants in Humans, that's a big advantage. Our memory chemical path in our brain is actually identical to rodents, and not Apes. We obviously didn't evolve from rodents. But God made it that way so we can advance medicine by using rodents in test labs, instead of humans.
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