When you examine a building, you understand there is a builder. When you examine a painting, you understand there is a painter. What is stopping you from understanding there's a creator when you see creation all around you? Is it accountability?

If you come across a beach and see your first and last name written in the sand, you immediately infer a higher intelligence. How much more for the 3 billion letters in DNA that spell out the recipe of life for each individual?

A computer has the hardware, software, and a programmer. We have our own hardware(physical body) and software(DNA), so why not a programmer? We ourselves are the best evidence for the existence of God.

In this world we have our own laws that we have to abide by, otherwise we risk going to jail or prison. Where do these laws come from, and why is there a general commonality across the globe, also known as objective moral values? It makes sense, as the Bible says, that we are created in Gods image. Meaning God has his own laws, and his own form of prison for disobeying his commands.

The fine tuning of the universe points to a personal creator:

If the universe expanded any slower or faster at the beginning of the big bang, intelligent life could not exist. The universe must be as massive as it is or human life would not be possible. If the sun was any bigger or smaller, and any closer or further away, we could not exist.

Earth resides in the darkest location within the Milky Way Galaxy where physical life is possible. And our Milky Way Galaxy lies in the darkest location in the universe where physical life is possible. Not only that, but so we are also able to observe all of the universe, from the cosmic beginning at the big bang, all the way through.

Because we can observe the beginning at the big bang, we are able to confirm that the Bible had it right all along, that is, in the beginning God created the Heaven and Earth; as if God wanted us to see. The common thought among scientists was that the universe was eternal, before they discovered the big bang.

There is hundreds of other conditions in the universe that need to be fine tuned just for advanced life to exist. If any one of these were off by just a hairs breath, we could not exist. Not only are the odds of each condition so inconceivably high, imagine what the odds are that all these hundreds of conditions were all fined tuned together to allow intelligent life.

It's as if the universe knew we were coming, and everything was designed for this small planet called earth; for us humans to exist.
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